Our Facilities

Our Mission

The mission of Apromed Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre is to provide you with the highest quality of service, ensuring your absolute safety and comfort during the examination process. We also strive for the most accurate examination results, enabling doctors to manage your condition effectively based on your reports.

To achieve this, we are committed to acquiring state-of-the-art and top-level examination equipment, ensuring the safety and accuracy of your examination process.


World-Class Endoscopic Instruments

Our centre is equipped with the most advanced and highest standard endoscopic examination facilities available internationally. We are furnished with the Olympus medical-grade endoscopes, the CV-1500 series, and the Olympus EVIS X1 CV-1500 video system imported from Japan. This ensures the provision of real-time 4K examination quality, with image quality meeting medical-grade standards and even surpassing the highest global standards. This ensures that during examinations, doctors can detect even the minutest abnormalities and differences, minimizing the chances of errors to an insignificant level.


Advanced Imaging Technology

The latest endoscopic system is equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, significantly enhancing the accuracy of examinations:

  • Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging (TXI): Unlike traditional endoscopic imaging, TXI technology makes inflammation and flat lesions within the digestive tract more distinct, greatly increasing sensitivity during examinations, while reducing the possibility of tiny lesions being overlooked by doctors.
  • Narrow Band Imaging (NBI): This imaging technique highlights microvascular structures within lesions, allowing doctors to detect irregular and abnormal vascular proliferation. It enables real-time differentiation of lesion suspicion, aiding doctors in determining the need for further endoscopic treatment.
  • Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI): This technology is one of the latest applications in endoscopy, primarily used for hemostasis purposes. It allows doctors to view deeper blood vessels within the digestive tract wall, preventing blood obstruction and ensuring more effective hemostasis procedures.

AI Technology Assists Polyp Diagnosis

The Endoscopic system of Apromed Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre is equipped with the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which is applied to actual endoscopic examinations. During endoscopic procedures, the images are analyzed by computer AI. It first identifies suspected polyp locations within the digestive tract and promptly notifies the doctor, allowing them to differentiate between genuine and false polyps. This increases the chances of detecting concealed polyps and enhances examination sensitivity.

Powerful Semi-Automated Flushing System

Our center is equipped with the Olympus OFP-2 semi-automated flushing system, providing a water flow rate of 750ml per minute. If the doctor encounters debris obscuring the examination field during the examination, this semi-automated flushing system can be used to flush away the debris. This allows for the examination of suspicious areas within the digestive tract wall and prevents oversights due to inadequate bowel cleanliness during the procedure.

Tight Monitoring of Vital Signs

We have always upheld the principle of prioritizing patient safety, and to achieve this, close and accurate monitoring of patients’ vital signs during the examination is essential. Therefore, in each endoscopy room and recovery area, the most sophisticated monitoring instruments are equipped to continuously monitor patients’ vital signs in real-time during the examination and after anesthesia (including blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels, electrocardiogram data, end-tidal carbon dioxide, and other indicators), ensuring your absolute safety during the examination and anesthesia process.

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