Ultrasound Facilities

Our Mission

Apromed Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre’s mission is to provide you with the highest quality of service, ensuring your absolute safety and comfort during the examination process. We also strive for the most accurate examination results, enabling doctors to properly address your medical condition based on your reports.

For this purpose, we are dedicated to acquiring the most advanced and top-level examination instruments, ensuring the safety and accuracy of your examination process.

Advanced Ultrasound Equipment

Our center is equipped with the GE Logiq P10 ultrasound scanning equipment imported from the United States. It is the latest model among ultrasound equipments of its level, suitable for use in various medical diagnoses such as liver, heart, gynecology, vascular, and breast examinations. Due to its superior imaging quality, it can also be used for clinical guidance during fine or core needle aspiration procedures, assisting doctors in extracting cells or tissues from lesions for pathological analysis.

Advanced Imaging Technology

The latest ultrasound system is equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, greatly enhancing the accuracy of examinations:

  • Automated Optimization: The computer system automatically optimizes the ultrasound images obtained during scanning, resulting in clearer and more detailed imaging, thus enhancing the sensitivity of the scanning process.
  • CrossXBeam Technology: This technology captures and combines ultrasound information from multiple directions and angles, thereby reducing noise in ultrasound imaging.
  • SRI-HD Technology: The computer system automatically analyzes potential artifacts in each tiny area of the ultrasound image and adjusts them, resulting in brighter imaging with smoother and clearer lines.

AI Technology Assisted Diagnosis

The LOGIQ P10 system employs the latest AI technology, featuring functions such as Auto Lesion Segmentation, Auto Doppler Assistant, and Breast Assistant. With the support of Koios DS technology, it achieves image standardization and rapid examinations, enabling doctors to make clinical judgments more quickly and accurately.

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